We want to make coming to Conclave in Chattanooga as safe as we can during this Covid-19 crisis.  Most of us are desperate for connection and networking that this conference offers. We are committed to continue cultivating that culture of community while also considering the ongoing pandemic in our nation. We are grateful for the Chattanooga Convention Center who will work with us to facilitate a safe conference environment. 

As of September 28, 2020, these are just some of the measures taken to accommodate this event:

  • Masks are required for all activities inside the convention center.
  • Hand sanitizer available and frequent handwashing is encouraged. 
  • Encouraging  6ft of social distance.
  • Greet with a wave instead of a high-five
  • Doors propped for hands-free entrance and exit.
  • Temperature checks available at the main entrance
  • Hard surfaces wiped down before, between, and after services
  • Rooms fumigated with disinfectant
  • Worship resources in chairs instead of being handed out
  • Rows are spaced apart for social distancing in the main worship area

God bless and see you soon,
Your Conclave Committee